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  1. Simple but good design for the level with jumping puzzles to test the players skill and coordination, with long drops to make use of the death sequence. Controls work and respond well. Could be improved with a background and maybe some different sprites for the level tiles to improve the design quality and make it look more interesting/unique, then possibly add some pick-ups or a collectable and a few enemies. Otherwise a good, functional foundation for a game.

  2. Good game, The characters animations work well, the level design is great, only problem I could find with the game is that it doesn’t automatically re spawn and the sprite gets stuck on the walls (the idea that the character gets stuck could be on purpose) The game doesn’t restart after the character has died

    Overall good game, not a lot of bugs and fun game to play

  3. A good Game, the Jump and the run animations successfully work. A improvement that you might want to make is that the character doesn’t respwan after the character dying, and the level doesn’t reload once the character is dead.

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