excess playing time can cause a problems if you are playing for a long duration and you will get easily distracted from more important things in your life like a job that you may have an example of a game that could cause this would be call of duty modern warfare 2 with playing time of over 30 days

social isolation is another big problem because we will lose out on real life skills like talking to people in the real world and also real life social skills a game that could cause these problems is skyrim due to you being into the game to much

the cost  of games is massive for both the developers and also the companies, aswell as the consumer who is buying the games. prices for the games have had a drastic increase in price compared to a few years back, infinity ward released call of duty infinite warfare and then they released a version with modern warfare remastered a game from the xbox 360 that the fans have been wanting for years with a £79.99 price tag knowing that infinite warfare wouldn’t sell alot of copies so they bundled a fan favorite game to help them to boost the sales of the games up and make as much money as they can, sometimes companies will sign contracts with companies for exclusive offers, so if they bundle a ps4 console with that game then sony will get a cut but also the developers will get a cut of the money

games like grand theft auto and also saints row will cause people to separate themselves from reality due to how realistic these games can be were you are able to do what you want and get away with it could cross over in to the real world

playing video games can benefit and there are many different types of educational games, some schools have started using games in their lessons a school in Washington has been using video games in there lessons as it can help you to obtain programming skills

in first person shooter games you need good hand eye coordination to help you aim and shoot at the same time in call of duty a popular thing for people to do is quick scope were you scope in quickly and shooting at your enemy

brain training is a way of using gaming for educational purposes like helping you to improve you maths skills and it can also help you to work out complex questions that could be used in the real world. in most schools they use brain training in maths lessons

thinking skills are really important skills for you to have when you are gaming a couple of examples of this would be in games like call of duty and even games like cs go if you go running in without any idea what to do you will get killed very easy and in cs go the main game mode to play is search and destroy you only have 1 life per round so you got to play with some strategy aswell as thinking of where you can pick them off but they wont kill you first

games keep on evolving day by day and it will make a huge impact on the future from visual graphic upgrades so that the new consoles will be able to handle all of these improvements and also with VR (virtual reality) like the oculus rift and the playstation VR they are only in the early stages of there life cycle so in the future we can expect bigger triple A titles to release like skyrim and also fallout VR coming in 2017/2018

game dev is constantly requiring more and more up to date and advanced hardware for instance the iPhone gyroscope which allows the user to turn their body and the game to react and also show from different angles as if you where inside the game and actually looking around. game development is rapidly improving as we are now getting 3D equipment in our own homes for us to play games on and using stuff like the kinect which was bundled with the xbox one on launch to immerse yourself in the game more another example of equitment like the xbox ones kinect is the playstation eyetoy which came out with the playstation 2 that was the first time we could use our bodys to game instead of using the controllers that we normally use




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